How to Get a Card

Getting a library card is quick and simple. Below are the requirements for Adult, Children’s and Young Adult cards. A unique 4-digit pin number can be acquired when you sign up for your library card, or you may request us to add it to your account at any time in the future (in person w/ID proof).

There is no charge for your First Library Card.
Replacement cards are $1.00 (photo ID verification is required).

Library Card for Adults

You will need to show a valid photo ID with your current mailing address. If your ID does not have your current address, you will need to show proof of the current address.

Some examples of what is acceptable are:

Valid Photo ID:

  • Driver’s License (Must be valid)
  • State Photo ID Card
  • Military ID Card
  • Passport (Must be valid)
  • Mexican Consulate ID Card

Proof of Current Mailing Address

  • Bills
  • Checks
  • Car Registration
  • Mail with a current postal cancellation (not junk mail)

Note: We do not accept General Delivery.

Library Cards for Children

Children will need to be able to write their first AND last name and have a co-signer. The only acceptable co-signers are parents, grandparents or legal guardians (proof required). All co-signers must have the above required items.

Library Cards for Young Adults

Young adults do not need a co-signer if they have a current student body card from their local public high school. If they do not, then they must have a co-signer, as described in “Library Cards for Children” above.