Using the Library

Welcome to the Tehama County Library! We have outlined a few helpful hints for those of you who are new to the library.

Accessing your account online is easy.

Click here or use the “My Account” button on the top left of every page.

Enter your library card number in the box titled “Patron/Alternate ID Number”. Your library card number is the barcode number located on the back of your library card. The first five numbers will be “20187”. Enter all digits without spaces. Enter the four digit PIN number assigned to your account in the box marked PIN. You can acquire a PIN number when you sign up for your library card, or you may request us to add it to your account any time (in person w/ID proof)

The next screen you see will be the Patron Information page. This is your account. You will see your name and other personal information on the left side of the page. Your Account Summary is on the right side. Your Account summary shows the number of loans, overdue items, holds, fees, etc.

You can renew books (unless there are holds pending or you owe overdue fines); make requests for library materials; view and/or cancel holds you have pending; and change your PIN number and address.

If you have a question regarding your account and cannot find the answer online, please come into the library or call (530) 527-0604. Library staff will be happy to help you.

The library has 10 computers in Red Bluff, 7 computers in Corning, and 5 computers in Los Molinos available for public use. You must have a valid library card in good standing to use one. Each library also has a station where you may plug-in your laptop for power only.

Appointments are made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each person is allowed up to 1 hour a day – no exceptions. Your time will be scheduled to the nearest half-hour.

You must present your library card when signing up for a computer. Sign-ups must be made in person at the front desk. You may sign up in advance to reserve time, but only for later that same day. We do not make reservations by phone.

Computer programs include but are not limited to – Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Draw, Presentation and Database programs, Gale Research Database (includes Chilton Library, General Reference Center Gold, Health Reference Center, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Testing & Education Reference Center), Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Computers are equipped with a CD burner and USB ports.

Printing in black ink is available for 5¢ a page. All pages printed must be paid for.

Travelers passing through town will be allowed a 15 min. e-mail check without a library card.

Computer/ Internet Policy

Our Public Computers provide programs such as word processing, games and basic reference tools.

They also can connect to the Internet (World Wide Web). It is global in its reach. You may find things that you disagree with or that are objectionable to you. The Tehama County Library makes no claims of accuracy or of quality for any information found on the Internet.

Library staff is only able to provide minimal assistance in using the public computers.

Rules for Internet Use

  • All internet computer users must have their own valid library card, IN GOOD STANDING. You must present it when signing up for a computer and when you check in at the circulation desk.
  • If you are under 14 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must give their signed consent for your use of the Internet terminal.
  • Each person is allowed 1 hour per day — no exceptions. Users must promptly relinquish their computer terminal when asked to do so by staff.
  • You may sign up in advance to reserve time, but only for later that same day. You must sign up in person, you may not make reservations by phone.
  • If you reserve time and are more than 5 minutes late, you forfeit your time if another user is waiting.
  • No more than two people shall sit at an Internet terminal at the same time.
  • The terminal is in a public place. You must not display visual information that is objectionable to others. If you do so, your privileges will be suspended for six months. If further action is necessary, your privileges will be revoked indefinitely.
  • You may not use the computers to violate any law.
  • You may not turn the computer off at any time. If your computer freezes up, ask the staff for help.
  • You may not change any settings on the computer or save any files to the hard disk.
  • Dowloading to USB memory sticks/flash drives, floppy disks and CD’s is available. Floppy disks may be purchased for $1.00.
  • If you want to have access to e-mail, you must have your own account, either from your own ISP or other provider.
  • Printing from the computers is available. The cost is 5¢ per page. All pages that you print must be paid for. Copies may be picked up and paid for at the circulation desk.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in the loss of Internet privileges.

Getting a library card is quick and simple. Below are the requirements for Adult, Children’s and Young Adult cards. A unique 4-digit pin number can be acquired when you sign up for your library card, or you may request us to add it to your account at any time in the future (in person w/ID proof).

There is no charge for your First Library Card.
Replacement cards are $1.00 (photo ID verification is required).

Library Cards for Adults

You will need to show a valid photo ID with your current mailing address. If your ID does not have your current address, you will need to show proof of the current address.

Some examples of what is acceptable are:

Valid Photo ID:

  • Driver’s License (Must be valid)
  • State Photo ID Card
  • Military ID Card
  • Passport (Must be valid)
  • Mexican Consulate ID Card

Proof of Current Mailing Address

  • Bills
  • Checks
  • Car Registration
  • Mail with a current postal cancellation (not junk mail)

Note: We do not accept General Delivery.

Library Cards for Children

Children will need to be able to write their first AND last name and have a co-signer. The only acceptable co-signers are parents, grandparents or legal guardians (proof required). All co-signers must have the above required items.

Library Cards for Young Adults

Young adults do not need a co-signer if they have a current student body card from their local public high school. If they do not, then they must have a co-signer, as described in “Library Cards for Children” above.

There are three ways to place a hold on a library book or media item.

  • You can fill out a Request Card at any Tehama County Library branch.
  • You can request items by telephone (530) 527-0604 x105
  • You can search the online catalog and place a hold. You must already have a library card and pin number before you can place the hold. When you locate a title you want, press the “Place Hold” button in front of it. You will be redirected to your Library Account page and asked to sign in. You will then be asked for the branch library you want your choice to be sent to, then press “Submit Request”. You will be notified when the item is ready to be picked up.

The Tehama County Library has been selected by the California State Library to participate in a project called “Zip Books for Rural Libraries”. Only a few libraries throughout the State of California are participating in this project which explores an alternative to traditional InterLibrary Loan (ILL).Using a “buy vs. borrow” procurement model, the Zip Books project is funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant to the California State Library.

How does Zip Books work?

If you request a book or audiobook that the Tehama County Library does not own, the Library will try to purchase the item and have it shipped directly to you rather than borrow the item from another library. When you are finished with your item, you simply return it to your local library branch.

What is eligible for Zip Books?

Books (regular or large print) or audiobooks that cost up to $35 (pre-tax) that the Tehama County Library does not own are eligible for Zip Books. Videos or DVDs are NOT eligible.

Who can use Zip Books?

Registered borrowers in good standing of the Tehama County Library are eligible.

How do I use Zip Books?

Ask for a Zip Books request form. Library staff will help you complete the form. You will be given a simple Zip Books survey form, along with an informational handout. Library staff will try to purchase the requested item through Amazon and have the item shipped directly to you using Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping. Library staff will notify you if we are unable to fill your request through Zip Books.

When you are finished with your item, simply return it to your local library branch, along with the completed survey. This provides required grant feedback and identifies the item as a Zip Book. Although you will not be given a due date for the item, we ask that you return the book/audiobook within 3 weeks.

May I request more than one item through Zip Books?

You may request another item when you return the one that was shipped to you.

What happens to the book/audiobook after it is returned?

The Librarian will review the item and decide whether or not to add the item to the Library’s collection.

What if I have more questions?

Please call Todd Deck, County Librarian, at 530-529-2483 x 107 for more information.