Conference Room Policy

The conference room is primarily for the presentation of library-related programs. However, when it is not being used for those purposes, it is available to other county departments, public agencies, and non-profit cultural, civic, educational, and recreational groups during hours when the library is open. It may not be used for non-library related meetings that are partisan, commercial or religious in their purpose or aim.

Maximum room capacity is 49. Chairs and tables may be moved to suit your needs. It also has ceiling fans.

Guidelines for use:

  • Meetings must be open to the entire community (unless it is a Library related or County Department/Public Agency).
  • Meetings must be free of charge. No admission may be charged and no solicitation of funds may be made.
  • Meetings must be scheduled for our regular business hours. (A staff person must be in the building at all times).
  • Meetings will conclude 15 minutes before the library closes. Everyone must be out of the building by closing.
  • If furniture is moved, it must be returned to its original position before you leave.
  • You must clean up the room after your meeting.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in the library during “public open hours”.
  • Library related or County Department/Public Agency meetings may be scheduled for any time during regular business hours. If the meeting is held in the morning before the library opens to the public, attendees must be advised to use the Delivery door (located at the south west corner of the building).
  • Non-profit cultural, civic, educational and recreational group meetings should be held during the hours that the library is open to the public. As the meetings are open to the public, they may only enter using the main Library entrance.

To reserve the conference room, please call the Red Bluff Branch Library at (530) 527-0604 during regular business hours.